Bianchi, 1934, Freccia Azzurra

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Marca: Bianchi
Modello: Freccia Azzurra
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 1 / 500 cc
Anno: 1934

Bianchi, 1934, Freccia Azzurra

Bianchi "Freccia Azzurra", 1934, Italy

Bianchi started as a simple repairshop and developed in different industry sectors: from bicycles to motorcycles, from cars to commercial vehicles leaving an indelible mark in every sector.

500cc Bianchis, made in different versions, went down in history as Bianchi Freccia Azzurra. Unveiled at Milan "Ciclo e del Motociclo" show in January 1933 this bike marked the return of Bianchi to big displacement engines after ten years of absence. The firm bet on a new 4 stroke OHV engine, mounted on a traditional frame and decorated by unique decorations.

Magneto ignition
2 overhead valves
Side drum brakes
Twin exhausts with bottle silencer
Kick starter
Ammeter and oil level indicator on the tank

Museo Nicolis houses a rich exhibit of Bianchi bicycles, motorcycles and cars.