Bianchi Tour de France, 1949, racing bicycle

Bianchi Tour de France, racing bicycle, 1949, Italy

This bicycle is an ultrarare supercorsa, uncommonly fitted with a SIMPLEX gearbox.

With a bicycle like this Fausto Coppi won the Tour in 1949.

Bianchi celebrated this great victory by launching a new “Tour de France” bicycle, fitted with a Campagnolo gearbox instead of Simplex. It seems that the implementation of the Simplex gearbox on the bicycles of that year was due to a late tune on the new Record gearbox, that later became very famous.


Technical notes:

  • 4-speed SIMPLEX gearbox
  • Direct lever SIMPLEX derailleur
  • UNIVERSAL brakes
  • BIANCHI tailor-made handlebar


Marque: Bianchi
Year of production: 1949
Model: Tour de France
Type: racing bicycle
Nation: Italia
Name: Bianchi
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