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Marca: Bianchi
Anno di produzione: 1935
Modello: Saetta
Tipo: racing bicycle
Nazione: Italia
Nome: Bianchi

Bianchi Saetta, racing bicycle, 1935, Italy

Rare bicycle made in a few examples to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Bianchi.

Light blue livery with red touches (we’ll have to wait another 50 years to see an official Bianchi with other colors coupled with the classic light blue).

This bicycle features a nail remover and a tire scraper to protect the bike from punctures.
Puncturing a tire on the gravel roads they raced on was not difficult. Despite being rudimental, these two solutions were considered technological innovations and the cyclist could benefit from them.

This bicycle was not intended to race though, it aimed to enthusiasts and collectors ante litteram.


Technical notes:

– Special Swedish Aeronautical steel frame, thin and rigid
– Lacquered badge with red touches.
– Double pinion (fixed when it was mandatory for racing)
– New T. Campagnolo quick release system for the wheels
– Oiler on the vertical tube
– UNIVERSAL brakes: the first ones made of light alloy
– Wooden rims