Bianchi, 1930/40, Bersagliere bicycle

Bianchi, Bersagliere bicycle, 1930/40, Italy

This bicycle was built by Bianchi with the “Brevetto Regio Speciale” (Royal Special patent) for the Bersaglieri Italian military corp.

In particular, this model was fitted with pneumatic tires, an unmistakable clue that this bicycle was used by an official. Some sources report that every 100 bikes with rigid rubber tires, one was fitted with pneumatic ones for the officials.

Bianchi brags a vast experience on military supplies, starting from the early 1900s.

Bianchis were the first bicycles  to serve the rapid response units of the Royal Italian Army. Since the beginning of the 20th century Bianchi was a big industry that supplied the army with vehicles, trucks (armored ones too), ammunition and general artillery.


Technical notes:

  • UNICA leather seat
  • Brakes on both wheels
  • “Militare viaggio” BIANCHI handlebar
  • Metal pedals
  • BIANCHI central movement
  • “REGINA BELLUM” chain and pinion
  • Fenders and hand pump

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Marque: Bianchi
Year of production: 1930
Model: Military
Type: Bersagliere bicycle
Nation: Italy
Name: Bianchi
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