Bianchi, 1906, racing bicycle

Bianchi, racing bicycle, 1906, Italy

The first bicycle painted with the famous LIGHT BLUE livery: the unmistakable colour of Bianchi racing bicycles that will become famous around the world.
Towards the second half of the 19th century Edoardo Bianchi will dedicate himself to bicycle manufacturing, wheelchairs and precision instruments. Up until 1888 Bianchi will produce mainly bicycles and will also be the first Italian company to use pneumatic tires. Its production of cars and motorcycles will be remarkable as well. It’s also the most successful Italian brands in the field of sport.


Technical notes:

  • Frame with hollow tubes (an innovation that helped achieve more lightness and more resistance to flexure and torsion)
  • Brakes on both wheels: spoon brake at the front, claw brake at the back, GEAL patent
  • PALMER wooden rims
  • Revolutionary hubs for a fast dismantling and inversion of the wheel
  • 2-holes oiler on the pedal bearing
  • Twin pinion: free wheel and fixed wheel
  • BIANCHI seat, mounted on a horizontal tube (for a wide range of distances between the saddle and the handlebar)
  • Crankset for track races.


Marque: Bianchi
Year of production: 1906
Type: racing bicycle
Nation: Italia
Name: Bianchi
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