Bianchi, 1885/87, bicycle

1885-87 – Bianchi bicycle –  Italy

Bicycle with cross frame with two tie rods, an important model for the tie rods applied to make the frame stiffer. In 1892 Edoardo Bianchi is only 25, but it has already been working for 7 years as a mechanic. In 1885, the year he founded his company, much water has passed under the bridge, from the little workshop where he fixed and built mechanical tools; he moved to Via Borghetto in 1890 and in 1892 he had 50 employees.

The Edoardo Bianchi was the first Italian company to use pneumatic tires. From 1890 on the company started designing their first motorbikes and later cars.

Bianchi is also the Italian brand that collected most victories in sports field.

Technical notes:

  • Solid rubber tires
  • Spoon brake on the front wheel
  • Step to climb on the bicycle on the right and footrest
  • Fixed gear
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