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Marca: Atala
Anno di produzione: 1960
Modello: Baby Mod. 2000
Tipo: folding bicycle
Nazione: Italy
Nome: Atala

Atala, Folding Bike, Baby Mod. 2000, 1960s, Italy

Folding fixed-gear bicycle. The rear rack features some hooks to mount side bags.

Atala, a company established in 1908 in Milan by Angelo Gatti, a name linked with the first Giri d’Italia and former manager of Bianchi. In 1919, after WWI the company was sold to Enrico Steiner of Milan. They lead the company until 1938, when it was bought by Cesare Rizzato, that made bicycles since 1921 with the Ceriz brand, and moved to Padua.