Atala Supercorsa, 1955, racing bicycle

Atala, Supercorsa, Racing bicycle, 1955, Italy 

Company established in 1907 in Milan by Guido Gatti.

In 1919, after WWI, Enrico Steiner company of Milan bought the brand. Later, in 1938 Steiner sold it to Cesare Rizzato Padova.


Technical notes:

  • 1955 Specialissima Supercorsa
  • BALILLA aluminum brakes
  • BROOKS saddle
  • Double-crankset SIMPLEX gearbox
  • NISI light alloy rims
  • CINELLI tailor-made handlebar
  • ATALA hubs


Marque: Atala
Year of production: 1955
Model: Supercorsa
Type: racing bicycle
Nation: Italia
Name: Atala
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