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Marca: Ancora
Anno di produzione: 1939
Tipo: racing bicycle
Nazione: Italia
Nome: Ancora

Ancora, Racing bicycle, 1939, Italy

Ancora was an important Milan-based bicycle company that also produced motorcycles (that raced and won too: famous was the victory at the well-known “Circuito del Lario”).

There is little information available on this company: we know that the brand and the workshop was later bought by Umberto Dei of Milano.

In 1939 Dei decided to stop the production of “Ancora” brand bicycles.


Technical notes:

  • Reddish purple paint with grey bands

  • Vittoria Margherita 4-speed gearbox

  • Double pinion

  • Universal extra brakes

  • Oiler on the crankset

  • Quirk: the 1939 year is printed on the handlebar stem