Alcyon, 1920s, BMA

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Marca: Alcyon
Modello: BMA
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 1 / 98 cc
Velocità: 45 km/h
Anno: 1920

Alcyon, 1920s, BMA

Alcyon "BMA", anni 20, France

Alcyon was a French bicycle, automobile and motorcycle manufacturer between 1902 and 1954.

Born as a bicycle company in 1890, in 1902 Alcyon started producing motorcycles. The first models were powered by V-twin engines and inline-2s, later in 1912 even single-cylinder racing engines. In the years that followed Alcyon became famous both for the large number of bikes produced and the competitions they won, thanks to which they managed to become French National Champions.

In 1926 Italian Alcyon was born as “Società Anonima Italiana Alcyon”. Enrico Peila, the owner, imported the parts from France and made the Alcyonette 98cc. In the 20s and 30s some models were sold as Armor, Thomann and Labor.

In 1954 Peugeot bought the Alcyon brand, ending its glorious story that lasted more than 50 years.


Black/silver color
Chain drive
No clutch
Mechanical brakes on the rear only
Brown seat
Spare kit bag
Front and rear fender
Acetylene headlight
Hand pump
Front suspension with single spring, no rear suspension