AJS, 1933, 33/2

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Marca: Ajs
Modello: 33/2
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: V2 / 982 cc
Potenza: 24 CV
Velocità: 120 km/h
Anno: 1933

AJS, 1933, 33/2

AJS 33/2, 1933, England

The Stevens Screw Company was a company specialized in making small mechanical parts whose owner, Joe Stevens, together with his sons in 1897 will build a 400cc engine and later in 1905 their first JAP-powered motorcycle.

AJS will born as a motorcycle company only in 1909 from the initials of one of his sons, Albert John Stevens.

The british brand boasts several wins at the Tourist Trophy: the first one at the 1914 Junior TT where the registered AJSs came in first, second, third, fourth and sixth place; the company will later win both the 1921 Junior and Senior TT, the latter conquered with a 350cc AJS when the competition was up to 500cc of displacement.

Following bankrupcy, it will later be purchased by Matchless in 1931 and the brand will kept being used up until 1974.

The 33/2 also known as Model 2 will be introduced in 1933 and equipped with the 982cc V-Twin side-valve engine from the Matchless Model X after the acquisition from this company.