25°, Vernasca Silver Flag, Castell’Arquato.

Happy Birthday Vernasca Silver Flag!
Museo Nicolis participates at the parade for the 25th anniversary of the Vernasca Silver Flag.
Our wonderful 1948 Zanussi on the road together with other important cars from other collections, such as the MAUTO with Davide Lorenzone, the Museo Panini Maserati with Giovanni Panini and the famous Collezione Lopresto with Corrado.
Silvia Nicolis was interviewed to represent the new cultural model of Car museums.
Thank you Gaetano De Rosa for the hospitality and congratulations for your book on the 25th anniversary of the Silver Flag.

Watch the VIDEO 25th Vernasca Silver Flag preview: June, 26/27 2021

Ph. Federico Cavazzini, Giacomo Guglieri, Massimiliano Storti.

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