Talk Show, Modena Motor Gallery, Modena.

The automobile is feminine…

Silvia Nicolis guest of the talk show “L’automobile è femmina” organized inside the big event Modena Motor Gallery.

Modena Motor Gallery will take place in Modena Fiere the next 25th and 26th September unveiling the new activities of Italian and international companies working in the car/classic car business.

Saturday 25th September at 11.30 AM, at the ACI Storico Stand – Pad. C, an original debate will take place: three women behind the wheel of important international car museum talk about their experience.

Matteo Panini will talkb out it with con:

  • Maria Bussolati, Museo Mille Miglia.
  • Mariella Mengozzi, Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile.
  • Silvia Nicolis, Museo Nicolis.



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