Legnano, 1940, man bicycle

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Marca: Legnano
Anno di produzione: 1940
Tipo: man bicycle
Nazione: Italy
Nome: Legnano

Legnano, 1940, man bicycle

Legnano, Man Bicycle, 1940, Italy

A man bicycle, with a classic timeless styling.

Since the characteristics are similar, we think this bicycle was bought together with the Legnano woman bicycle and the two were probably owned by a couple.

Technical notes:
Black paint with golden touches
Legnano seat
Tool bag
Mud flap under the front fender
Legnano hand pump
Engraved “L” on the handlebar
Internal brakes

2018,  Shooting, Video Gianni Morandi.

2020, Shooting Masi, Serego Alighieri.

2022, Exhibition, "Ovunque è Legnano", Museo Fratelli Cozzi