Taurus Mod. 25, 1933, touring bicycle

Taurus Mod. 25, touring bicycle, 1933, Italy

TAURUS bicycles, unique, a legend still on. The clean styling is enhanced by the absence of cables and accessories. Even the brakes are hidden. Just the essential is on display on a Taurus. The Milanese company was founded in 1906.


Technical notes:

  • Model 25
  • 26” wheels
  •  Special alloy frame
  •  Inboard brakes
  •  TAURUS bell
  •  TAURUS hubs
  •  TAURUS exclusive components


2018 – Shooting, Video Gianni Morandi.


Marque: Taurus
Year of production: 1933
Model: Mod. 25
Type: touring bicycle
Nation: Italy
Name: Taurus
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