Olympia, 1927, man bicycle

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Marca: Olympia
Anno di produzione: 1927
Tipo: man bicycle
Nazione: Italy
Nome: Olympia

Olympia, 1927, man bicycle

Olympia, Man Bicycle, 1927, Italy

Olympia is one of the oldest Italian brands. Established in 1893 in Milan by Borghi & Guerra, the company started as a mechanical processing firm.

In 1895 Carlo Borghi took over the shares of the company and started dedicating to bicycle manufacturing, for which he built exclusive and refined components too.

Technical notes:
26” balloon tires (popular at the time)
Faired chain with some sort of Decò motif
Internal brake on the front tire
Backpedal system inside the hub for rear tire braking
“Olympia” brands on the fork head and brake levers
Sold as an option, there’s a handle between the tubes to lift the bicycle more easily and carry it up the stairs