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Marca: Fox Typewriter Company
Tipo: Portable
Nazione: USA
Nome: Fox
Fox Typewriter Company, Fox Portable, 1917, USA

The Fox Portable, also known as “Baby Fox”,  is a typewriter made by the US Fox Typewriter Company since 1917.

It's a portable typewriter with collapsible carriage, making it flatter and easier to transport.

The machine used 24cm-wide paper sheets and was sold at the price of 65 dollars.

The Fox Typewriter Company was founded in 1902 by William R. Fox in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

When WWI started, the lack of materials stopped the production of many typewriter companies.

In 1917, Fox created its first portable typewriters, small and with a collapsible carriage, a very similar mechanism to the Corona Portable N. 3, made by the Corona Typewriter Company.
Fox Typewriter Company was in fact sued by Corona for patent infringement and was force to withdrew the Fox Portable from the market.

After this episode, the company made a not-foldable portable typewriter, but in 1921 it closed because of finantial problems due probably to the trial.