FN, 1898, bicycle with driveshaft

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Marca: FN
Anno di produzione: 1898
Tipo: bicycle with driveshaft
Nazione: Belgium
Nome: FN

FN, 1898, bicycle with driveshaft

FN, touring bicycle with driveshaft, 1898, Belgium

This model has a particular innovation: the driveshaft that replaces the chain. The driveshaft does not allow you to stop pedaling and after few miles the gears got dirty because of the road conditions at the time. On this elegant modern bicycle there’s place for a pocket watch on the handlebar.

The Belgian company FN got into this bicycle business produzione di biciclette at the end of 1880. Immediately the company introduced this new transmission with the Cardan joint. The novelty was nicely accepted but it didn’t sell as they hoped, despite this many other companies introduced models with driveshaft. Among the Italians it’s worth mentioning Bianchi, Prinetti, Stucchi and Olimpia.

Technical notes:
Leather saddle
Touring handlebar
Spoon brake