Ansaldo, 1930, Tipo 22

Ansaldo “Tipo 22” – 1930

This is the most prestigious model built by Ansaldo.

The “Tipo 22”, rare and refined car, has a modern chassis fitted with an engine able to guarantee brilliant performances even with the monumental bodies of those days. Unfortunately it was produced during a period of international crisis so it didn’t have that commercial success necessary to solve the firm’s financial problems.

The car shown in the museum covered just 3.000 km from new, and still has its original leather interior and log book listing just one change in ownership (see display case). The first owner of this car was Nicola Frugone, a wealthy well known-man of the Ligurian Riviera. In the passenger compartment, the vanity case has silver accessories and there is also a refined petrol fuelled cigar-lighter bearing the Ansaldo badge. Note the original rubber running boards for cleaning your shoes before coming on board. The gear lever is rather singular too: it has a lock with a special security key, one of the first car antitheft devices.

Marque: Ansaldo
Model: Tipo 22
Cylinder number / Capacity: 8 in linea/3536 cc
Power: 86 bhp at 3500 rpm
Speed: 130 kph
Weight: 950 kg
Length: 4970 cm
Width: 1700 cm
Height: 1750 cm
Period of production: 1929 - 1932
Marque: Ansaldo
Type: Berlina 6 posti
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