Yamaha, 1996, ROC YZF 500 GP

Yamaha “Roc YZF 500 GP”, 1996, Japan

The ROC Yamaha is a racing motorcycle used in the 500cc class from 1992 to 1997 equipped with an official Yamaha engine, but a different frame.

The Pedercini Team was born from the great passion of Donato Pedercini that created the team to race in the 1993 Moto GP championship. His son Lucio will be the first rider of the team, that chose the ROC Yamahas as their team bikes. The motorcycles will be careful set by Donato himself.

In 1996 the rider from Mantova will be awarded as the best private rider in MotoGP.
1997 will be the last year for this bike, when the Pedercini Team decided to focus on the Superbike championship the following year.

The Yamaha ROC on display at the Museo is the last 500cc 2-stroke bike driven by Lucio in the MotoGP championship. It still shows the label given by the race judges at the technical control of the last race: the 1997 Australian GP.


Marque: Yamaha
Model: YZF 500 GP
Cylinder number / Capacity: V4 / 499 cc cc
Power: 180 bhp
Speed: 310 kph
Year: 1996
Marque: Yamaha
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