Yamaha, 1987, RD 500 LC Endurance

Yamaha RD 500 LC Endurance, 1987, Japan

Unique model designed in 1986 and built in 1987 under the supervision of well-known manufacturer Giuseppe Pattoni, Italian designer and founder of Paton, to attend national and international endurance races.

The engine is tuned with special components: Carrillo connecting rods, Mhale pistons, carbon reeds, gearbox with shorter ratio, lightened balancing countershaft, reinforced clutch, 4 Dall’Orto carburetors.


Marque: Yamaha
Model: RD 500 LC Endurance
Cylinder number / Capacity: 4/500 cc
Power: 132 bhp
Speed: 307 kph
Year: 1987
Marque: Yamaha
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