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Derek Stanley Arthur Warwick (Alresford, 27 August 1954) is a British former racing driver.

Brit Derek Warwick was a talented driver, respected by all opponents who raced against him on the F1 circuits. The highlight of his career were two second places, but he never managed to achieve that top spot, mainly because the cars fielded by the various teams he drove for were not such great performers or had mechanical or aerodynamic issues.

Steering Wheels:

  • In 1984, Renault Team managed to get their hands on the racer. That year he finished on the podium 4 times and came 4th once, but due to the car's numerous race retirements, he had to settle for 7th place in the driver standings. This steering wheel was assembled on Renault RE50

  • In 1990 the English driver passed to Lotus, one of the most prestigious teams in the top tier. This steering wheel in our collection was fitted on the Lotus 102, which had a Lamborghini 3512 V12 engine that was not at the same level as the excellent car. He ended the season in 14th place in the driver standings thanks to a good 6th place at the Canadian GP and a 5th place at the Hungarian GP, but was hampered by numerous retirements due to engine trouble.

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