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The 1930s English parchment suitcase? Or the 1910 straw sewing box? Or perhaps the South American metal trunk, or even the dandy’s double hat box from the end of the 1800s?
If you are a lover of vintage items, Museo Nicolis in Villafranca has some wonderful surprises for you.
In fact, the Museo includes an extremely fine “vintage store” featuring marvellous objects that characterised past eras and lifestyles. The theme of travel, luxury, adventure, business, romance intertwines among a series of suitcases, trunks, containers in precious leathers, accessories, all perfectly preserved. Attention to detail and exquisite craftsmanship are ever-present: from trunks marked with monograms, to 2-strapped folding bags with beauty case, to gold trimming, processed leathers, enamelled metal or silver-plated decorations.
A fascinating story which can be traced in Museo Nicolis’ vintage area, full of authentic items that cross a century of history, people, journeys and that help us understand – through the items – cultures and lifestyles of the past. Where did the owners of those sun helmets dated 1915 go? Which roads did the motorcyclists who wore the 1940 leather caps take? Which charming lady wore the 1910 shoes? We don’t have all the answers but, for those who have good taste, passion and imagination, Museo Nicolis’ new vintage space promises to be an extraordinary treasure trove of surprises. Because the vintage area – an unusual space for “original purchases” (there are also some fantastic frames…. ). FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CLICK HERE

Refined items able to evoke historic splendour, a display of elegance and absolute beauty, further enriched by the rarity and authentic originality of a unique product. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces and brooches, all magically unearthed during a journey with one single aim: to find the perfect item of jewellery. An item suitable for every occasion, able to astound and surprise every day with the charm it manages to emit. A long journey that leads to one destination…. a vintage American jewel! FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CLICK HERE

The Nicolis bookshop – an obligatory stop for anyone who admired and enjoyed the collections and would like to take home something to remember their wonders by – is currently one of the most well-stocked and documented in Northern Italy, also due to a recent agreement with Giorgio Nada Editore, an internationally famous publishing Group and the only one in Italy that specialises in everything about engines.
Under this agreement Museo Nicolis is able offer the Publisher’s entire catalogue, an extremely large collection of titles on the world of engines and its main past and present players. Enthusiasts will find rare monographs of champions from the past like Varzi or Marzotto, to mention only a couple, as well as many books about particular and legendary car and motorcycle models.
This large selection of photographic albums and biographies would be hard to find anywhere else and the store also keeps book series for young readers for their entertainment and education. Besides books, visitors can also find posters, gadgets, photographs and many amusing items, all linked by one recurring theme, the world of engines and its two and four-wheel protagonists.