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Thierry Boutsen (Bruxelles, 13 July 1957) is a Belgian former racing driver, winner of 3 Grand Prix of Formula 1.

He was considered a great test driver and capable to drive on wet track, Boutsen took part in 11 Championship and the best results he obtained was the 4th place.

He debuted  driving an Arrowin 1983, paying 500.000 dollars (he was a paying racing driver) and in his career he drove for Arrows, Benetton and Williams.

Steering Wheels:

  • This PERSONAL steering wheel in the Nicolis Museum collection is a reminder of the 1984 Formula 1 World Championship, in which Belgian driver Thierry Boutsen first drove an Arrows A6 and, from the Belgian Grand Prix onward, an Arrows A7. It is not known whether the steering wheel was fitted in the first or second car. However, during the Championship the Belgian obtained modest results: a 6th and two 5th places at the Brazilian, San Marino and Austrian Grands Prix respectively.

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