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Luciano Nicolis
The museum was his “lifelong dream” since, as a boy, he collected paper for recycling by biking around the villages nearby.

Luciano Nicolis, authentic Verona born, made this dream come true in 2000, when he inaugurated “his Museum” which was immediately opened to the public. In the “Museum of Cars, Technology and Mechanics” he has gathered together unfindable and precious items that his fascination for mechanics led him to seek out all around the world: cars, motorbikes, bicycles and also musical instruments, cameras, typewriters and other items of human genius.

He even managed to transmit the same passion to his family, who have always backed him up and helped him. The museum was his habit and his enjoyment, he wanted it to be spectacular and creative with the collections constantly improved.

He loved acting as guide for the visitors, introducing himself as “I’m the nutcase who did all this”, and he amazed everyone telling the story of each single piece, where it came from, its history and curios. He was enthusiastically walking around “his museum”, bursting with ideas and projects.

Yet, when someone asked him anything about “his collections, he answered “we are not the owners of all this, just the safekeepers for the future…”

A wealth of culture for future generations.