Taurus, 1950/60, touring bicycle

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Marca: Taurus
Anno di produzione: 1950
Tipo: touring bicycle
Nazione: Italy
Nome: Taurus

Taurus, 1950/60, touring bicycle

Taurus, touring bicycle, 1950s, Italy

A timeless brand. Taurus bicycles are bought for their classic luxury.

The company was established in 1906 by engineer Vittorio and Umberto Fabbri, Taurus is 100% made in Italy in the factory in the Vigorelli area, Milan.

The Taurus models stand out immediately for their quality and elegance, distinguishing themselves thanks to their strongly connotative technical characteristics, such as the hand-held brakes and curvilinear pedals characterized by the typical six blocks, considered a distinctive sign of Most luxurious and avant-garde models for the time.

Source: www.taurus1908.com/storia/ and www.giroditaliadepoca.eu

Technical notes:
Beige paint with light-blue and golden finish
S. Marco saddle