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Daniel Patrick Charles Maurice Nasri Tambay (Paris, 25 June 1949) is a French former racing driver.

His driving style was so regulary and clean and it was compared to Niki Lauda's. He drove most of his career in Formula 1, becoming one of the most popular racing driver in the first half of 80's and winning two Grand Prix, between them we remember the victory of Imola Grand Prix in 1983, which Tambay dedicated to Gilles Villeneuve.

Steering Wheels:

  • This MOMO steering wheel here in the Nicolis Museum belongs to a "perfectionist" of the steering wheel: Patrick Tambay. The French ace had it fitted on his Ferrari 126 C2, with which he won the San Marino Grand Prix during the 1983 Formula 1 World Championship. This victory was significant, not just for Tambay, but, symbolically, for the Ferrari team in particular: it was actually the last Grand Prix which Gilles Villeneuve raced the year before tragically dying at the following Belgian Grand Prix, both Villeneuve and Tambay started in 3rd on the grid.

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