Coming soon! Talk Show, La Graticcia, Verona

Compagnia Teatrale La Graticcia introduces the 2021-2022 season

Silvia Nicolis guest of an interesting Talk Show with many famous people from Verona as protagonists.
The aim is to share values and stories of our city with the public.

The event will coincide with the introduction of the 2021-2022 teather season of Compagnia Teatrale La Graticcia.
Headed by the young director Giovanni Vit and founded a year and a half after Roberto Puliero‘s passing, will keep the spirit and human force of the Compagnia Teatrale La Barcaccia alive, that turned 50 in 2019.

The event will take place in the wonderful theater of F. Gresner school in Verona on Sunday 21st November at 9:00 PM.

Special guests:

  • Fabio Testi
  • Federico Sboarina
  • Silvia Nicolis
  • Pierino Fanna
  • Damiano Cunego
  • Carlo Nogara
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