Silvia Nicolis receives the 2019 Premio Giulietta. The prestigious award to the President of Museo Nicolis.

The Premio Giulietta was created to give a public award to those women who stand out in their field, thanks to passion and professional responsibilities.

Silvia Nicolis receives the 2019 Premio Giulietta for the excellent work done on the business world and the territory of Verona.

The committee for the 2019 Premio Giulietta chose Silvia Nicolis, President of Museo Nicolis dell’Auto, della Tecnica e della Meccanica of Villafranca, for having established herself on Verona and later international landscape, particularly thanks to the management of the prestigious Museo Nicolis. Silvia Nicolis managed to conciliate the industrial activity of Lamacart, the family company, with the Museum, taking over its management since it opened in 2000, making it grow and raising it to a cultural business of excellence, ready to show the world the Italian tradition of technology, engineering and vocation for art and beauty.


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