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Schumacher Michael – GERMANY

Michael Schumacher (Hürth, 3 January 1969) is a German former racing driver, the most successful Formula 1 Champion and of the greatest racing drivers ever. He conquered 7 World title: the first two with Benetton (1994 and 1995) and then 5 consecutive with Ferrari (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004).

A legend, the embodiment of Formula 1. Michael Schumacher was the idol of an entire generation and even many of those who were not F1 fans inevitably got to know who he was, given his massive presence in national and international newspapers.

Schumacher hold the most of Formula 1 records, having obtained the most number of won Grand Prix, of fastest laps, of hat trick (pole position, victory and fastest laps in the same race) beyond the championship titles. He hold the record of career points till 13 October 2013, when it was broken by Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. He was also the record holder of pole position (68) from 2006 to 2017, when Lewis Hamilton overcome him in 2017 Italian Grand Prix. Considered also a great test driver, Shumacher was the first German Formula 1 World Champion and the most popular icon in Formula 1 till 2016, according to a survey of FIA

In October 2003 he became the most awarded Formula 1 racing driver, breaking Juan Manuel Fangio's record, and in 2004 he set a new record winning his 5th consecutive World title.

Steering Wheels:

This steering wheel in our museum is extremely important for all fans of the sport, because it is the very wheel that the 7-time world champion held in his hands in 1991, his rookie year in Formula 1 with Team Jordan.

This steering wheel, fitted on the Benetton B194, allowed him to become world champion for the first time back in 1994. Moreover, he was actually the first German to win the title. It goes without saying that it was a satisfying victory indeed!

This steering wheel in the Nicolis Museum collection was held - and signed - by the German great Michael Schumacher, one of the biggest legends in Formula 1. The great won the 1995 Formula One Championship behind the wheel of a Benetton B195, giving prestige to the Italian team for the second time in two years, but also marking the end of the successful collaboration between the two "parties". In fact, that same year Schumacher accepted the offer for the following year from Scuderia Ferrari, which saw him triumphing with that team on 5 consecutive occasions: from 2000 to 2004.