Rolleiflex biottica

Camera “Rolleiflex Biotic ”, 1960, Germany

A biotic camera using film, format 6×6, a very strong and reliable model. Famous for its very high optic yield. Its fame grew throughout the world thanks to the paparazzi in Fellini’s mythical film “The Good Life” who all had a Rolleiflex hung round their necks when they were chasing the VIPs.

The layout of the controls was revolutionary for that time, and is still used today and has never been changed. The biotic camera was used by the famous photographer Robert Capa at the beginning of his career. 76,457 models were produced.

Marque: Rollei
Year of production: 1960
Model: Rolleiflex Biotic
Nation: Germany
Name: Rollei Rolleiflex Biotic
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