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Alain Marie Pascal Prost (Lorette, 24 February 1955) is a French former racing driver, winner of 51 Formula 1 Grand Prix and 4 times World Champion.

His debut in Formula 1 was in 1980 with McLaren and his activity as racing driver in Formula 1 continued till 1993.

Alain Prost is a huge name for French fans of Formula 1, as he was the first and, so far, the only Frenchman to win a world championship: 4 times to be precise. His numerous victories (on average one for every four Grands Prix raced) led him to become the most successful driver in the history of Formula 1, surpassing, in 1987, the victory record held up to that point by Jackie Stewart. The record was beaten some 14 years later by Michael Schumacher.

Steering Wheels:

  • In 1987, at the helm of the McLaren MP4/3, he stood on the podium 7 times, of which three were on the top. He finished the season in 4th place in the driver standings, with 46 points.
    In 1993, the year this steering wheel in our collection was used was Prost's final year in F1 but he went out on a high as he took home his last world victory at the drive of Williams FW15C.

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