Piaggio, 1979, Vespa 50 Special

The Vespa 50 Special was presented starting from 1969 and remained in production until 1983.

The Vespa 50 special differs from the other models for the square headlight and for the steering cover with original shape called by enthusiasts “Nasello”.

Partner of the great success is the advertising campaign created by Gilberto Filippetti: “Chi Vespa eats apples”.

2016 Mostra 70×70 Exhibition Vespa


Marque: Piaggio
Model: Vespa 50 Special
Cylinder number / Capacity: 1 / 49,77 cc
Power: 1.5 bhp at 4500 rpm
Speed: 55 kph
Weight: 69 kg
Year: 1979
Marque: Piaggio
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