Piaggio, 1972, Ciao R

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Marca: Piaggio
Modello: Ciao
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 1 / 49,77 cc
Potenza: 1.41 CV
Velocità: 40 km/h
Peso: 40 kg
Anno: 1971

Piaggio, 1972, Ciao R

Piaggio Ciao, 1972, Italy

Produced for over 40 years in countless specimens, the Piaggio Ciao is a truly iconic moped.

Characterized by a truly simple powerplant, the Ciao is powered by a small 2-stroke 50cc engine and the steel frame hides the fuel tank and recalls the lines of ladies bicycles.

One of its strength is certainly the low weight, that translates into a great fuel economy of 50 km per liter, allowing the Ciao to travel for 140 kilometers with fuel tank of 2% oil-gas mixture, and the ease of maintenance.

It could also be used as a true bicycle by disconnecting the transmission via a button on the rear hub.