Piaggio, 1948, Vespa 125 V1T “Bacchetta”

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Marca: Piaggio
Modello: Vespa 125 V1T "Bacchetta"
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 125 cc
Velocità: 70 km/h
Anno: 1948

Piaggio, 1948, Vespa 125 V1T “Bacchetta”

Piaggio Vespa 125 V1T "Bacchetta", 1948, Italy 

With the 1948 Vespa 125 we can start talking about a true “boom”.

The public is no longer skeptical as during the first presentation in 1946. The 125cc is also more advanced than the previous model.

The comfort is way better thanks to the spring suspensions on both wheels. A damper is still lacking but compared to the 98 the driving experience improved considerably.

Performance also improved, with a faster acceleration and a top speed of 70 kph.

This 1948 Vespa 125 V1T is also known as "Bacchetta" ("Rod") because of the external rods that control the gearbox.

At the Museo an iconic exhibition was dedicated to the Vespa for its 70th anniversary: Exhibition Vespa 70 anni x 70 modelli”.