Norton, 1962, Manx Short Stroke

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Marca: Norton
Modello: Manx Corsa Corta
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 1 / 499 cc
Potenza: 51 CV
Velocità: 225 km/h
Anno: 1962

Norton, 1962, Manx Short Stroke

Norton Manx Short Stroke, 1962, England

With this motorcycle, the prestigious company from Birmingham company won many important races with champions like Derek Minter won the 1962 English championship in the Senior, Junior and 250 classes, he also came second in the Dutch GP and other excellent positions throughout the worldtenne alcune delle sue affermazioni più importanti, com

This bike, that comes from the Birmingham museum, has the famous "Featherbed" frame, so called because of its comfort, and the "short stroke" engine to increase performance.

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