Moto Negrini, 1960, 125 Sport

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Marca: ----------:----------
Modello: 125 Sport
Anno: 1960

Moto Negrini, 1960, 125 Sport

Moto Negrini 125 Sport, 1960, Italy

Pietro Negrini started his bicycle company in Bologna in 1950. Soon the attention moved to light motorcycles and mopeds, popular vehicles at the time given the fact it was possible to drive them without license or plate from 14 years of age.

Moto Negrini produced also export models for the US and worked for nearly 40 years, producing robust and cheap vehicles. The company stopped the production in the mid-80s and closed in 1989.

This motorcycle is a 4-speed Sport 125, powered by a Franco Morini engine, dressed in an elegant copper/blue livery.