Media, Verona Manager, Lamacart

Media, Verona Manager, Lamacart

The strategic partner of the Green Economy

Verona Manager provides a wide service to Lamacart, leading company in Italy and active for over 60 years, represeted by our business museum.
“A passion for recovery in all its forms” was Luciano Nicolis’ cornerstone, which earned him the title of “forerunner” in the world of the Green Economy in unsuspected times and is still the value shared by all companies of Nicolis Group.
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Verona Manager is the house organ of Confindustria Verona, which devotes special attention to companies and associative life.
In this issue you will find also: Innovative Technology. Artificial Intelligence to support companies. Education evolves with Corporate Academies. RIVELO Network’s ReLOAD project. For a supply chain and resilient logistic and much more