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Maserati, 1973, Indy 4900

Maserati  “Indy 4900”, Vignale, 1973.

Driven by Wilbur Shaw, the Maserati 8 CTF won the 1939 Indianapolis 500 Miles race and Maserati was the first European (and Italian) car industry to win it after Peugeot in 1914. The little Bolognese firm succeeded in what Fiat, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, and Bugatti failed.

The same car, again driven by Wilbur Shaw, won the 1940 Indy edition too and entered the automobile legend as for the first time in the most important American race history a car won two editions.

To remember these triumphs, Maserati called “Indy” the car introduced at the 1968 Turin Motor Show.

The Indy was the obvious evolution of the Mexico, that is a fast coupé also comfortable for four people. During the production years, the most important modifications concerned the engine; in 1970 it was enlarged to 4.700cc and the car got the name Indy America; since 1973 only the version fitted with the 4.900cc engine (the same unit already fitted to the Ghibli SS) remained in production. The Indy was a good sale success and was produced also after Citroen took over the company from Modena.


Marque: Maserati
Model: Indy
Cylinder number / Capacity: V8/4930 cc
Power: 290 bhp at 5500 rpm
Speed: 280 kph
Length: 4740 cm
Width: 1760 cm
Height: 1220 cm
Year: 1973
Numbers Built: 1.104
Marque: Vignale
Type: 4 - seat coupé