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Mark Blundell (Barnet, 8 April 1966) is a British former racing driver of  Formula 1.

He debuted in Formula 1 at Usa Grand Prix with a Brabham in 1991, obtaining 1 point in Belgium and he concluded the season reaching the 18th place in the racing drivers classification. After a year of absence, in 1993 he came back to race with a Lieger and in the first race of the season he reached the lowest step of the podium.

In Germany he reached the 10th place in the classification and he was hired by Tyrrell the next season. In Spain he reached again the podium concluding the World Competition in 12th place. In 1995 Blundell moved to McLaren and reached the 10th place.

Steering Wheels:

  • This MOMO steering wheel of driver Mark Blundell is an impressive item in the Formula 1 steering wheel collection of the Nicolis Museum. His top-flight racing career was rather short-lived, only 5 years. This steering wheel may have been fitted on the Brabham BT59 or on the Brabham BT60, since during the 1991 F1 World Championship the first car was replaced after the second race. That year saw the British driver achieve a 6th place finish (Belgian GP), which gave him a spot in the driver standings.

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