Marini, 1926, Turismo

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Marca: Marini
Modello: Turismo
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 1 / 125 cc
Anno: 1926

Marini, 1926, Turismo

Marini "Turismo", 1926, Italy

In 1923 Marini showed a new range of engines at the Milan Car Show. For more than 5 years the production of motorbikes continued in Alfonsine, no longer in the little workshop under the owner's house, but in new purpose-made spaces, made famous by the racing success the company collected and the participation on the most important bike exhibitions.

It was called ‘motocicletta’ and was born in 1925, the same year Giuseppe Marini registered the company as Motorcycle Manufacturer.

This model, completely built by Marini, from the melting to the painting, in the factory in Alfonsine, was powered by a cutting-edge 2 stroke single cylinder, with advanced features, like the twin carburetors that gave brilliant performance to the vehicle. So much so that a "Sport" and a "Super Sport" model were made, suitable for competitions.
During those years the scuderia Marini was created as well with the son Marino, the veteran Giovanni Basigli who raced in 1912 with the Reve stable, later with Frera, and Virgilio Finessi as Marini official racing drivers.