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Jyrki Juhani Järvilehto, commonly known as JJ Lehto (Espoo, 31 January 1966), is a Finnish racing driver.

Champion of British Formula 3 in 1988, he debuted in Formula 1 the following year. In the top tier (Formula 1) he could never obtain more than a 3rd place, obtained at San Marino Grand Prix in 1991.  His career did not last long: only 6 years, due to an accident in 1994 that prevented him from competing in an open-wheel car.

Steering Wheels:

  • In 1992 he competed in the Formula 1 World Championship behind the wheel of a single-seater 192 for Scuderia Italia, but the car was not competitive at all and the Finn didn't claim any points that year.

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