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Marca: Lamperti & Garbagnati
Anno di produzione: 1925
Nazione: Italy
Nome: Camera “Lamperti & Garbagnati”

Camera “Lamperti & Garbagnati”, 1925Milan - Italy

Workroom camera suing damp collodion, made by Lamperti & Garbagnati in around 1925. This company is famous for having made various folding cameras at the start of 1900 in valuable wood.

Used by the best photographers at that time, it is now a very rare model. In the middle of 1800, the use of damp collodion was introduced (nitro-derivates of cellulose in a mixture of alcohol and ether) to make photographic plates.

Industrial preparation of photographic plates began towards the end of 1800, with the introduction of the dry collodion process.