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Marca: Kodak
Anno di produzione: 1910
Modello: Eastman N°4-A Folding
Nazione: USA
Nome: Kodak Eastman N°4-A Folding

Kodak Eastman N°4-A Folding, 1910, USA

Eastman Kodak Company, simply known as Kodak, is a US multinational company specialized in the production of cinema films and photo equipment.

Founded by George Eastman and Henry A. Strong on September 4th, 1888; throughout the 20th century, Kodak kept producing and became a reference point for cinema films.

"You Press the Button, We Do the Rest" is the slogan with which George Eastman promoted their first non-professional camera in 1888.

From that moment on, the company paved the road for a simpler, useful and pleasant way of photography.

The Kodak n. 4-A Folding is the biggest conventional folding camera made by Eastman Kodak. The lens of this camera rolls on a rail fixed to the cover and the viewfinder is located on the right.

The Kodak 4A produces 4¼" x 6½" photos thanks to the 126-type roll.