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Ukyo Katayama (Tokyo, 29 May 1963) is a Japanese former racing driver, who raced in Formula 1 from 1992 to 1997, after being Formula 3000 champion in 1991 and after racing in Formula Nippon.

In Formula 1 he mainly raced for Larrousse, Tyrrell Minardi Team.

Steering Wheels:

  • Driver Ukyo Katayama is represented in our museum by this PERSONAL steering wheel, fitted on the Tyrrel 022 single-seater, which unfortunately was not a reliable car. Despite all these limitations, the Japanese driver was able win a total of 5 championship points, with two 5th places and 6th in the Brazilian, San Marino and British Grands Prix. These placings meant he finished in 17th position in the driver standings: the first and only final result of his top-flight motor racing career.

  • Ukyo Katayama clutched this PERSONAL steering wheel in our collection during the 1995 Formula 1 World Championship, where he competed for the Tyrrell team. Unfortunately, that year the Japanese driver did not shine, in fact he failed to win even a single point and ended the season off the leaderboard, something he repeated another two seasons before deciding to retire from the top tier.

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Ph. Daniele Amaduzzi