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Stefan Nils Edwin Johansson (Växjö, 8 September 1956) is a Swedish racing driver, winner of 24 Hours of Le Mans and known to have took part to 79 Formula 1 Grand Prix.

During his career he took part also to British Formula 3 in 1980. In Formula 1 he drove for several Teams, reaching the best results with Ferrari and McLaren. He never placed beyond the 2nd, position he reached 4 times and he was the unfortunate holder of an unenviable record for the highest number of podium finishes without a victory until 2011, when the record was claimed by Nick Heidfeld.

Steering Wheels:

  • This MOMO steering wheel in the Nicolis Museum collection belonged to Stefan Johansson. 1986 was the best year of his career, as he took 5th place in the driver standings. This was seen as an excellent result for Ferrari, which had signed up him in 1985, since the car driven by the Swede, the F1-86, was not very aerodynamic and had problems with the braking system.

  • In 1987 the racing driver moved from Maranello Team to McLaren, at the wheel of MP4/3. This car was less competitive than others previously arranged by the English Team. Although in the first 3 races he reached 3 times the podium, the car had several malfunctions, such as punctured tyres and the detachment of the spoiler. Nevertheless, with the obtained points he managed to finish the season with a 6th place in the driver standings. The MOMO steering wheel in the Nicolis Museum collection is a whitness of that venture.

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