Innocenti, 1969, Lambretta Lui

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Marca: Innocenti
Modello: Lambretta Lui 50 CL
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 1 / 49,8 cc
Potenza: 1.5 CV
Velocità: 40 km/h
Peso: 68 kg
Anno: 1969

Innocenti, 1969, Lambretta Lui

Innocenti Lambretta Lui 50 CL, 1969, Italy

During the second half of the 60s the choice of making economical and practical vehicles was the best one to overcome the crysis of the motorcycle industry.
In fact Piaggio unveiled the Ciao in 1967, a two-wheeler suitable for a large clientele thanks to its simplicity and exploitability.

Innocenti in the meantime designed an economical yet finely designed scooter.
From Bertone's pencil, the Lui was born, a vehicle with a modern styling that winked at young people.

Initially powered by the Lambretta J 50 engine with a 3-speed gearbox, the Lui was produced in two versions, C and CL. The latter had a different handlebar and front headlamp.
Soon after it will be joined by the Lui 75, with a bigger engine and 4-speed transmission.

Innocenti's modern scooter was sold at 89.500 Lire, a price that coupled with its styling made it an interesting choice on the market.
Accomplice the low performance of the 50cc engine and the lack of accessories like hooks, luggage rack, spare wheel etc..., the Lui did not reach a high volume of sellings adn the production was stopped just a year later, in 1969.