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Marca: Hammond Typewriter Company
Modello: N°2
Nazione: USA
Nome: Hammond
Hammond N°2, 1892, USA

J. B. Hammond, telegrapher during the American Civil War, he was one of the first to realise that a typewriter would be a valid help in his job. E. J. Manning helped Hammond to make the typewriter, which was then patented in 1880 and put on the market in 1881 by the “Hammond Typewriter Company” in New York.

Hammond believed the typewriter had to allow the use of different alphabets and languages by simply replacing the typing support.
Hammond typewriters were characterized by a typing wheel or rather a typing shuttle, a semicircular rubber (later metal) strip that could be easily replaced. "For every nation, for every language" was the slogan of Hammond introduced to highlight the obvious strong point of this machine compared to the rivals: the use of different interchangeable shuttles for different styles, characters and languages.

Curios: The Hammond n. 2 is different from the Model 1, as it does not have the wooden cover. It has the typical typing design “from behind” with a vulcanite shuttle available in 42 different types and 14 different languages.

The “Ideal” keyboard was not very successful among the public, which is why this model is now a much rarer collector’s item than models with the “Standard” keyboard.