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Goerz, Anschütz, Germany, 1896

The C.P. Goerz a.k.a. Goerz AG a.k.a. Optische Anstalt C.P. Goerz AG was an optical and photographic instruments  company established in Berlin in 1886 by Carl Paul Goerz (1854-1923), together with Carl Moser, optical researcher, and Ottomar Anschutz, lab technician.

In 1889 Carl Paul Goerz bought the focal plane shutter patent from Ottomar Anschutz, that was able to shoot in a 1/1000 of a second. The company specialized on lens production, cameras, telescopes and binoculars, even for military use.

This camera features the focal plane shutter and was introduced in 1896 with the Anschütz Camera name.

In 1905 the new ANGO name  (from  ANschütz and GOerz, the manufacturer) was born. Starting from 1905 many modifications were applied to the first model, especially on the shutter and the viewfinder.

This model was sold in Italy by Ganzini, Namias & Co. of Milano. The price in 1903-1904 was 104 Francs plus 150 for the lens.