Gilera, 1963, Giubileo 150 Sport Extra

Gilera, “Giubileo 150 Sport Extra”, 1963, Italy

The 150cc displacement, no longer used after 1957, made a comeback in 1962 for a couple of version for the Giubileo range:  the Sport and the Sport Extra that featured an cast iron and an aluminum cylinder, respectively. The 150 Giubileo wasn’t extremely powerful, but offered a comfortable ride and the chance to ride on highways too, something no longer possible for displacements under 150cc due to the new 1959 road code.

The 150 model appeared in 1952 as a tougher and more agile version of the 125. Built in four different versions, Turismo, Sport, Rossa Super and Rossa Super Sport, the 150 was the most successful model for Gilera selling 100.000 bikes overall.


Marque: Gilera
Model: Giubileo 150 Sport Extra
Cylinder number / Capacity: 1 / 158 cc
Speed: 105 kph
Year: 1963
Marque: Gilera
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